Shadow of The Dragon Episode 50: Spoilerific PoF Review

Shadow of The Dragon Episode 50


This week on Shadow of the Dragon,it’s our spoiler filled review of the Path of Fire expansion. We all weigh in on what we liked and didn’t like about the expansion and break down the story as well as where we think we’re going in the future Living Story.

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3 thoughts on “Shadow of The Dragon Episode 50: Spoilerific PoF Review

  1. I love all you guys. I love Kora’s passion for the game and Gord’s analysis and Galiio’s good natured chatting style. I like Miko as a new addition too. But I feel like I have to offer a criticism simply because I see it intensifying.

    Kora, I love you, but you need to try not to shout Gord down so much. It was really evident this episode that not only did you disagree with him (which is perfectly fine), but you didn’t even want his viewpoint to be heard. Gord could never get in more than a sentence before you’d interrupt him and… well… darn well nearly shout him down.

    Need to step back a touch and not take things as a personal attack on your entire being. Gord is allowed to say ArenaNet has sucky writing without you immediately and stridently jumping in and interrupting about how that’s not a valid viewpoint to have.

    I expect disagreement. I want you to disagree with Gord when he’s being salty. But dang… let him finish his analysis first. Interrupting him just makes it look like you feel threatened by the argument and can’t stand to have it said.

    It’s not personal. Tone it back. Let him finish a thought. Then you can offer an alternative.

    I WANTED to hear Gord’s opinion, and I felt intensely frustrated this entire episode about how dismissive you were, how upset you were getting, and how I couldn’t listen to Gord finish a thought without interruption. The name calling was… well, it was partly playful, but only partly. That’s probably not a line you should cross without it being clear you’re just joking around. I wasn’t really sure you were this episode. And it’s not the first time it’s happened.

    Maybe it’s OK to say ArenaNet mishandled “The Six.” Maybe it’s OK to hear that viewpoint and decide for ourselves without you telling us heatedly that we all aren’t allowed to have that opinion.

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