Shadow of the Dragon is a bi-weekly audio Podcast that focuses on the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. We cover news and events as well as highlight key game features and review our experiences in the game. We are fun and opinionated and give our honest opinion on features, and experiences within the game. We are considered “clean” and safe for work. We are not affiliated with ArenaNet or NCSOFT and make no claim to be a representative for either company.

Gord – Gord is the host of the show and has played Guild Wars (all campaigns) since 2005 and Guild Wars 2 since pre-launch. Gord has achieved over 27,000 Achievement Points in Guild Wars 2 and plays PvE, sPvP, and WvW content. Gord can be contacted on Twitter at @GordTheNorn

Gallios – Gallios has also played Guild Wars (all campaigns) and Guild Wars 2 since 2005. Although Gallios found his home in WvW, he has achieved over 16,000 Achievement Points in Guild Wars 2. He also plays PvE and some sPvP. Gallios can be reached on Twitter at @Gallios_GW2

Kora – Kora has played Guild Wars (all campaigns) and Guild Wars 2 since 2006. Kora is also a Lore Master of Guild Wars 2 and can be found on just about all Social Media as Guild Lores. You can follow Kora on Twitter @GuildLores.

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