Shadow of the Dragon is a bi-weekly audio Podcast that focuses on the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. We cover news and events as well as highlight key game features and review our experiences in the game. We are fun and opinionated and give our honest opinion on features, and experiences within the game. We are considered “clean” and safe for work. We are not affiliated with ArenaNet or NCSOFT and make no claim to be a representative for either company.

Gord – Gord is one of the Hosts of SoTD Podcast. His salt knows no bounds! BUT he has played the Guild Wars Franchise since 2005 and is an avid fan. He calls his criticisms of the game truth, but we’ll leave that up to you. Gord is a PvX player and is most experienced in open world PvE, and WvW. Gord Mains a Warrior but has played all 9 Professions, not always efficiently!

Kora – Kora is as sweet as a northern Quaggon and as fierce as a smokeskale! She is a high ranking member of the Durmond Priory even giving Ogden a run for his money! She focuses on PvE and is a veteran in the Fashion Wars! What else can be said, she plays for the lore!

Gallios – Gallios is a GW2 Mega enthusiast. His favorite roles in the game are Revenant, Ranger, and Guardian, in that order and he has a lust for WvW, but he does dabble in all of the game modes. He is not an achievement hunter, but he chuckles whenever a new one pops up that he has finished. He has been playing the GW franchise for over a decade, and doesn’t see himself stopping any time soon.

Miko – Miko is a PvE nerd who loves story (and replaying it), exploring the world, and raids! A “hardcore casual,” she tries to approach game analysis as she does life, from a balanced point of view. A veteran of the Guild Wars franchise, she’s known for laughing at puns and lame jokes, and coming up with crazy conspiracy theories.  She’s also an alt-holic and can usually be found on a ranger, mesmer, or necro.

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