I am starting a Patreon campaign for Shadow of the Dragon. There are many reasons I could list as to why I would consider starting a Patreon campaign, and I am sure that they would be all good reasons, but the two reasons that I consider to be the most important are as follows. First, I would like to keep commercials out of the show and ads off of our websites. Second, I would like to grow the show.
Bottom line, the show will always be free to download, the goal is to keep it commercial free. The Patreon campaign is to help fund the show and any proceeds that come from this campaign will go directly to the show to help it grow and most importantly, keep commercials out of it.

If you would like to support us then please click on this link SOTD Podcast Patreon Page

A separate Patrons page will be coming to list all of our gracious supporters, thanks!